Why storyboard in school?

Storyboarding in itself is a method of organizing ideas – ideas to visuals.  Storyboarding can produce anything from a rough draft (in most uses) to a finished product along the lines of a comic strip -a popular form of literature. It’s a versatile medium.

There is a lot of talk about using storyboarding in creating digital storytelling, including in sources put out by Penn State and the University of Houston. As a storyboard is used for planning shots in the film industry, with the option to get a sense of how close or wide the camera angle is as well as the series of scenes to be filmed. Thus, storyboards can be of particular use for students who are getting ready to record a video.

However, storyboarding does not have to solely involve high tech uses  to be useful in the classroom. Storyboarding supports the Common Core standards, particularly with elementary students. Elementary students are learning about sequencing of events and making sense of the order of events in a story as well as how to determine the main events and supporting details of a story.

For example, the CC ELA-Literacy.W.2.3 states that students should be able to write a  narrative using sequence of events. Storyboarding can be a tool for allowing students to plan the order in which they will put the events in the narrative together.

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